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Hello Clickbank Affiliate, Welcome to the Affiliate Tools area.


Your Current Clickbank ID is XXXXX.


(If you do not yet have a Clickbank ID Click Here to Sign Up Now)


If you have signed up to be part of our USE (unique sales engine) program you will be able to get updates whenever we have made changes to this page or have added new affiliate tools.


We are constantly striving to improve our product and the conversion rate of our product sales page so you will always get the best return of your investment in time or money.


There are three methods of promoting this product:

We strongly recommend the last option because we have spent allot of time and resources working out what works best for this product so you really do not need to reinvent the wheel.


All you really need to do is to send you customers to our several landing pages, and the rest is strictly automated. All you then need to do is to keep checking your Clickbank sales statistics grow every day, and collect your affiliate checks every two weeks.


Option #1

Sending Customers directly to the sales page has not proven to be very effective because the customer has not yet warmed up to the idea of purchasing the product and has not developed any trust or relationship. This will cause conversion rates to be  lower.


Also once the customer leaves all the effort made to get the customer is lost.


In addition, getting a commission when this customer later makes a purchase is totally dependent on a cookie that is installed when he first visits. If cookies are disabled on the computer or they have expired, or if the customer uses another computer to make the final purchase, you will not get the commission for the sale, since Clickbank will then have no way of knowing who to credit.


Option #2

If you are an experienced marketer, you will already know the value of having your own customer list, building a relationship with them and generating sales via subsequent email offers.


This method is far more effective than the first option, but it does require you to have:

  • A Landing Page with Opt-in Form to capture leads

  • A Presell Page

  • An autoresponder sequence setup to send appropriate email messages to your list to attempt to close the sale.

All of this takes valuable time and effort even before you know whether the entire exercise is worth your while!


If you are experienced in setting up the above or you already have a list of appropriate customers, this may work well for you.


Option #3

With this option, you simply send your customers to our Lead Capture page using your Clickbank ID.


Because you would have already registered your Clickbank ID with us, our USE system will automatically insert your Affiliate Link (Hoplink) whenever your customer hits the Sales Page.


Most importantly for a full 60 days after signing up, our autoresponder sequence will follow up the customer with email messages encouraging him to take action and purchase the course.


And your Hoplink will be automatically included in every one of those messages.


From time to time we will also send additional messages to the list, and your Hoplink will again be included automatically, so you will never loose any commissions.



Most of all, by using this approach, we do all the work for you, and you get to concentrate only on sending us qualified customers.


So now that you understand this sales process let us look at some methods of driving traffic to the USE System.


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