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Learn how to conquer your Guitar, play with confidence, and become the envy of your friends and family without waiting weeks or months to see results! 

Yes, now you too can get your hands on the solution that thousands are using to make learning to play the Guitar easy, fun, and fast, with our Learn Fast Guitar Method.

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Research shows that 95% of people who purchase a guitar never get past the stage of just learning a few chords. It happens all the time. You might even be thinking of giving up right now. But don’t, you’ve found the solution today.

Don’t be like the thousands of people that want to learn how to play but get fed up and frustrated, eventually losing their excitement and interest and just give up.

You don’t have to be one of that 95%, because we are about to introduce you to our "Learn Fast" system that dramatically improves your guitar playing skills in an easy to learn manner.

You’ll literally see results within hours.

Hello Fellow Guitar Enthusiast,

If you are just starting out Playing the Guitar, how would you like to have your own personal guitar tutor available to coach you anytime day or night 365 days of the year?

Or maybe you already have some guitar skills and you want to take it to the next level and you need to work on specific aspects of your playing.

But you don't want to wait months or weeks to see results.

Just think of how you will be able to have the confidence to take your guitar with you anywhere, on field trips and picnics, entertain your friends and family, start your own music group, choir or band.

But most of all there will come an inner sense of pride that you see on the faces of all great guitar players.

Let’s be honest, the person that can make music on their Guitar with confidence is part of an elite group of people.

But the path to that type of success doesn’t have to be frustrating; it can happen quickly and can be fun and exciting even while you learn.

Learning to play an instrument like the Guitar can at first seem a bit intimidating at the beginning. After all there can be so many hurdles to overcome! But the truth is, they aren’t as challenging as you might think, and most of them can be overcome in less than an hour.

If that is your concern, I must tell you that you have nothing to fear. The truth is that most of these are not actually physical limitations but mental. You simply need the right training method.

So let’s address some of the mental hurdles that may be holding you back right now so you can see that today, you can smash through those hurdles and grab your guitar with pure confidence

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We are here to tell you to stop listening to the naysayers and people telling you that you can’t be a great guitar player and become great fast.

Now let’s discuss the reality of how to become an incredible guitar player and you’ll realize it’s not a daunting as you once thought.


In order to achieve your goals, you need to have a solid foundation that includes Proper Techniques and a Learning Tools. This course will teach you these basics quickly in a way that’s easy to understand.


Learning on your own will only take you so far. You simply need an easy to follow training course that provides you with knowledge and techniques that are taught in a way that allow you to grasp them easily.


If you want to be great and have a great time both learning and playing, you need to have a program that teaches you in a way that isn’t confusing or frustrating and builds your confident in hours, not days, months, or years.

But you may be asking yourself, why you should listen to me in the first place!

Well let me tell you a bit about my own experience.

Several years ago I started teaching myself the guitar. This was before the Internet was as available as it is now. So my main tools were:
  1. A Chord Book
  2. My good friend Mervin in our Church Choir who was much more experienced than I was
  3. My own determination and love for the instrument.

I can tell you now that looking back, watching Mervin play was by far the greatest teacher. Of course whenever I saw him use a new technique, I had to go away and practice by myself, but what continually drove me was, "I have to be able to play like that!"

The other driving force was the fact that I was expected to accompany the choir by myself when Mervin was not there, and there were specific songs I had to learn, and learn fast!

So I had some really tangible goals and deadlines.

Anyway to cut a long story short, several years passed by and family life and other commitments go in the way, and I gradually stopped playing.

Recently I started to play again because I realized that there were so many resources on the Internet that I had at my disposal. This was going to be easy, I thought! All I need to do is look at some YouTube Videos and I will learn all I need.

Boy was I wrong....

I quickly realized though that I was all over the place and my playing and practicing has no structure and clear direction. Yes I still needed tangible goals and I still needed a "Virtual Mervin", a System to Guide me along.

So after these years of struggling to master the guitar myself, I decided to partner with other great guitar players and put together this structured Learn to Play Guitar Video Guide that gets results fast, so you will not have to struggle the way that I did.

You might be thinking that it’s not possible, or at least it’s not possible for you to learn quickly and be great. So we’ve put together material that will dramatically accelerate your learning so you can see improvement within hours to starting our course.

Once you faithfully follow the Training Guide, Our Video Step by Step Method is guaranteed to produce results within just hours.

Here is List of What this Video Course Contains



The 7 Secrets To Understanding Your Guitar – With these little known secrete, you can make sure your guitar is always looking and sounding great.


The Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Guitar - Guitars are not cheap, but many people end up buying the wrong guitar for their style resulting in frustration and money. Don’t make these costly mistakes!


How to Learn Proper Posture for Your Playing Style – Posture is critical to playing the guitar well. Learn how to hold and play in a way that both improves your ability and allows you to play as long as you want without getting tired.


How to Tune The Right Way – The truth is tuning your guitar to play properly is half the battle. We’ll show you how to do it easy so your guitar sounds amazing!


How to Master Basic Open Chords – You are going to quickly learn the basic open chords in a new way that you will be able to play without even thinking!


Essential Left and Right Hand Techniques – Great guitar plays are aren’t only right-handed or left-handed. Learn the techniques that will give you clarity, speed, and endurance. After all, after this course, people are going to want to listen to you for hours!


Three secrets to Changing Chords – Many people struggle with changing chords but it’s not as difficult as you might think. This course will teach you the three secrets you must know so you can change chords seamlessly and without pausing or hesitating.


Mastering Your first Song – Imagine being able to not only play other people’s songs but also your own! Learn how to master any song you like in a matter of hours!


Your Essential Guide to Understanding Beats and Tempo - Once you learn the essentials of beats and tempo, your guitar playing ability will take an enormous leap forward!


The Secrets of Basic Strumming - The simple but powerful little known techniques and will take your playing up a notch, separate you from the newbie's and make you sound like a pro.


How to Graduate with Honors to Advance Chords – With Learn Fast you will be able to move from beginner to an advanced player within a single day of starting. Now you can explore more of the fret board and discover more ways to sound great.


Mastering the Use of Your Pick – Learn how to rapidly extend the skill set of your right hand, and play riffs and solos with speed and confidence


Playing Along Side other Instruments – It’s one thing to play by yourself and quite another when you join a band or group. We’ll remove the intimidation factor giving you the confidence you join any group. Enjoying the thrill of playing along with other instruments so you can have unforgettable jam sessions with your buddy’s band or start your own!


Learn Fast Resources – Gain immediate access to the Learn Fast Resources Pages, which are packed with additional information on any subject area you are having difficulties with. Gone are the days of searching the Internet for information, you’ll have everything you need all in one place to call on any time you need it, day or night!

*Our Resource Pages are also packed with additional video tutorials and practical examples on each Subject

Don’t Guess Whether Our Course will work for You. See for Yourself and be Certain Learn Fast is like Nothing You’ve Seen or Tried Before.

And there is absolutely no risk on your part.

In addition to the Learn Fast video training that will have you playing great guitar in no time, we’ve also included exclusive content just for our members. This information is not available to anyone anywhere, but you have the opportunity to gain lifetime access today!

Our exclusive monthly Guitar Masters Membership touching on advanced yet easy to learn subject areas including :


Access to a community of members asking and answering any question you might have as you progress in your knowledge and experience.


Our “Chords of the Month” material detailing how they are used in a specific song


Song of the month, which will give you the ability to continuously learn new songs to add to your repertoire


Guitar artiste of the Month giving you exclusive access and information about other great guitar players and how they became great


Exclusive Access to our Online Jam Sessions, which will give you the opportunity to play with professional guitar players. This is critical to judging your progress and ensuring you are always improving and learning new skills and techniques.


Optional one-on-one Online Skype coaching sessions to use as you see fit. Ask questions, get feedback, or learn new skills and secrets to being a master of the guitar.


But there is even more .....

Do you have a particular genre of music you want to master? Learn Fast offers the ability to specialize in any type of music you want!

Once you have reached a comfort level with your playing Learn Fast offers you the opportunity to specialize in any genre including Classical, Finger style, Jazz, Rock, Country and many more! 

You will have access to specialized resources so you can focus on any area of music you want! 

The sky is your limit! 

If you do the math, how much would it cost your to hire a private coach, gain access to learn from the masters, a license to software that greatly improves your ability to play well, and have all of this available whenever you need it, day or night?

If you had to hire a private coach to guide you through the learning curve above, how much do you think this would cost you? 

What would a private coach say if you told them you wanted them to be available to you 24 hours per day, whenever you needed him or her, even on holidays? 

What if you asked a professional guitar player and coach what the cost would be to create training videos that were both easily accessible and allowed you to dramatically improve within hours? $1500? $2,500? 

Well luckily we want you to be great, learn quickly with no frustration or confusion so this is exactly what we’ve done for you. However, we also want it to be available to all players, regardless of age or budget.

We think you’d agree that this training program is easily worth thousands of dollars. However, we also are offering a special discount to those that act today.

Please note* This discount is only guaranteed for the time you are on this page.

If you do decide to take action and access our Learn Fast video training program right now, you will get a 50% discount off the real price and also get free access to these three bonuses worth $75.

Learn How You Can Master Guide In Just 48 Hours Even If You've Never Strummed A Chord Before! A Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Mastering The World's Most Popular Instrument!

Learn the basic skills so that you can start playing your favorite songs by the end of the week, maybe even by the end of the day!

Pay for Guitar Chord and Scale Book  - Great Beginners Guide
Get started playing guitar with this detailed guitar chord and scale book. 
This book will shows you how to play Major, Minor, and Seventh guitar chords. 

Each chord is shown at three different positions on the guitar neck, for a total of 108 chords. And More....


eBook - Teach Yourself How to Play the Guitar Overnight!

First of all, we must forget everything we’ve ever thought about how complicated playing music is.

Many people fear music and think that it takes a genius to be a good musician.

To be a master it might take a genius, but to play songs on the guitar, sound good and have a great time is only a lesson or two away!

This ebook this gives you the kick start you need to get started rockin’ and rollin’!


Here is the Video You Selected
"How to Remember Chords"


Gone are the days of needing someone sitting next to you offer guidance.
We use technology to drastically improve your ability but also to give you
access to our “Guitar Chord Master Software” available exclusively to Learn Fast Members!


"Guitar Chord Master"


Chord Master runs completely online via your Browser and is very simple to use:


You get access to over 5,000 chord
 shapes at the click of your mouse.


Up to four chord variations for each chord type


Also you can Listen to the Sound of the chord itself


Standard open chord sounds to help you tune your Guitar


There is No software to download.


You always have access to the latest version


Works on PC Apple Tablet Computers and Android Devices.

There are currently thousands of chord shapes in our database and more are being added all the time.

Guitar Chord Master is embedded into each module of training so it is always available wherever and whenever you need it.



So there is really no reason for not acting today and enjoying the 50% discount, the exclusive access to other great players, and the three free bonuses that will be for sale soon.

But we want to go further and give you even more assurance that what you are purchasing lives up to everything you’ve read.

So we are removing any risk on your part, so you can focus on your dream.

So tell me....  how much is all of this worth to you?

Just think.... If you were to hire a personal trainer it could cost you thousands of dollars but you can get better training today with Learn Fast.

Remember, a personal coach wants you to progress slowly, otherwise you don’t need them anymore!

So even though I am sure you will agree that this entire package is worth allot more, the limited time price for this course is NOT $67,  NOT $37  but $27 Dollars.

Yes, you read that correct, just Twenty Seven Dollars!  Thats it!

Where else can you get a high level of training that gets you where you want to be within hours for only $3 per lesson?!

Click Here to Take the Next Step - 100% Risk Free

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This Video Course can be played directly from our website or can be downloaded in mp4 or mpeg4 file format and played on your PC Apple or Tablet computer or Android Phone.

The Bonus eBooks are in PDF Format and will be immediately available for download. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available on most computers.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed please go to
Adobe Website to download and install.



(Promise No Up-Sells or Other Hidden Charges)

Fast Track Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level Now!


How do others feel about the Learn Fast Guitar Playing Method?

 “Are you looking to learn how to play the guitar? You could always go out to YouTube and watch hours and hours of videos. Unfortunately, you are hardly likely to get a whole lot of use out of them. Of course, you could always pay someone a lot of money to teach you how to play.

 If that is not an option, you can always try one of those “learn to play guitar” books and hope that you can follow it. Another option would be to try the guitar-training course that I found online. It is called Learn to Play Your Guitar, the training course.

Learn to Play Your Guitar

The system includes two very important components; 70+ minute training video course and the unique Guitar Chord Master Software. Along with the two items you will also get free monthly newsletter which is packed with tons of bonuses.

All of this plus three special bonuses and a 60-day money back guarantee, which is if you are not totally satisfied.  If this sounds interesting, you can have it all for a single payment that is about half what a private teacher would charge to teach you have to play guitar.”


Oklahoma, USA


“If you just purchased a guitar and don’t know where to start from, or even if you wish to own one and you are looking for a place that will get you in the guitar world, then is the ultimate resource for you.

 The site contains literally all the information you need to get started learning some chords and play a few tunes. I was able to play my first songs after a few hours of watching the videos and reading through the information. Of course, the guitar chord software just solves the chord problem once and for all. I found this one the best utility of the site as now I am able to play almost any song and any chord needed (after a few tries to get it right of course).

Also, the 7 myths were really helpful to me. I think that every guitar beginner should have a look at them. The Free Video Lesson Gift was awesome. I really enjoyed and it got me going.

 I would highly recommend to anybody interested in guitar learning and especially chords to check out I am sure you’ll obtain fast results, just as I did.”

 George Papas,

Athens, Greece


“My name is Jennifer and I have been trying to learn to play the guitar for years. I remember one year going to school and sitting in the classroom and feeling my face get so red from frustration because I simply could not “get it”.

 Now years later my son Julian had come to me and asked me if I could teach him the guitar. I knew that I had zero experience with learning myself but did not want to send that kind of message to my child. I didn’t want to be the person.

 I went online and found the sales page for the Learn to Play Guitar course and it said how I could learn how to play really quickly. In some cases people had been known to play the guitar in just one day of study. I had a hard time believing but at this point I was prepared to give anything a try.

 I purchased the course and put the steps into practice and within a few hours I was able to play a little something. It was incredible! Naturally, I showed this course to my son and he has been playing ever since.

Thank you for putting this course together. It has everything I needed and more.”


Canberra, Australia



So We have taken all the risk! There is nothing to loose.

Go ahead and test it for yourself, prove us wrong, try it and if you don’t like it… let us know and you get a full refund! No Questions Asked. And You Get to Keep the Bonuses.

Act Now to Grab this Course for Just 27 Dollars
(Promise No Up-Sells or Other Hidden Charges)


And More than anything ..... Do Enjoy Your Guitar Playing!

Crispin Thomas
Learning Fast

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